Adding a domain O365

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Time to complete :: <10 Minutes (If you're only adding DNS records to an otherwise empty domain. Potentially longer if you need to change existing ones.)

When staging a cut-over, make sure you set the old DNS records' TTL to a low amount (minutes, if not less), so when you go to actually cut-over, the lapse in productivity will be minimal.

0: Click "Show More..."
1: Click "Domains"
2: Click More...
3: Click More...
4: Click More...
5: Click More...
6: Click More...
7: Click More...
8: Click More...
9: Click More...
A: Click More...


  • Log into the O365 Admin Portal
    • On the menu to the left (expand if necessary), locate the 'Show More' option at the bottom. If you don't have this, you should be able to skip to Step 1.
  • Under 'Setup', choose 'Domains'
  • Click '+ Add Domain' in the screen that pop in from the right
  • Fill in the owned Domain name that you're looking to use. Click 'Next'
  • Verify the domain
    • Choose the method you wish to use to verify domain ownership
    • I chose TXT records, create a TXT record in your domain's DNS settings
    • Click Verify - it may fail. Wait 5-10 minutes, and try again (sometimes works after 2 minutes)
  • Set up your online services
    • Choose 'I'll manage my own DNS records'
    • You only have to do this once, but afterwards, if possible, it doesn't hurt to backup your DNS settings
  • Choose services
    • I opted for both Exchange & Skype for Business (never know)
  • Update DNS Records
    • The little double-paper/copy icon can be clicked to copy the respective field for easy input
    • This goes without saying, but having your DNS settings open in a different window, on a different monitor (or side-by-side) will make this much easier
  • Image 9
    • This is what is should look like if you chose to go with Exchange & Skype
      • This is in Google's Domains
  • Click Verify
    • It can sometimes take 5 minutes for the last pieces to replicate.
      • Longer, if there was data in there, prior. You can always leave & come back to finish your domain setup right where you left it. The requested DNS changes won't change
  • Click Finish
    • Voila, you're done.
    • Sometimes it will take a few hours before you can setup shared mailboxes, and such. But active email addresses should be allowed right away.